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Mar 6, 2023 | News

Students worshippingAs a Christian institution, centered in Jesus Christ, NNU routinely offers opportunities and resources for spiritual growth and engagement on campus. One of those opportunities is NNU’s annual Winter Awakening week in February, designed to provide students space for that focused spiritual engagement in an extended series of services and gatherings.

NNU has a long institutional history of revivalist services with a focus on personal holiness. On the heels of the Asbury revival, there was a sense of excitement, anticipation and expectation among the students, faculty and staff.

“On Wednesday evening of Winter Awakening week, several hundred students stuck around into the night,” University Chaplain Grant Miller said. “We finally closed the service after midnight, three hours after we began. Several students made a first-time commitment to Christ, there were various waves of students coming to the altar and we concluded the evening with multiple students sharing testimonies about how God was moving in their hearts at the moment. These are amazing organic moments that attest to the authenticity of God’s work on our campus this week.”

Danny Atkins, NNU Christian Ministry alum, College Church’s Executive Pastor and the week’s special speaker, discussed “Practicing the Presence of God,” inviting students into a deeper understanding of God’s personhood and His desire to hold a relationship with them; understanding that God’s presence is always with us.

“I have been so touched by the ways that our students have really sought after the Holy Spirit in our Winter Awakening services,” said Miller. “They have come to the altar, prayed over one another and lingered in God’s presence well after our regular service times. I’m grateful that we have fantastic student leaders and staff who also have stayed to pray over one another, lead in song and maintain an atmosphere of worship.”

Chapel services were held on Wednesday and Friday, with extra services on Wednesday evening, Thursday morning and Thursday evening. Chapels and services were hosted at Nampa College Church, the previous home for chapel before the completion of the Brandt Center.

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