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Bachelor of Science

NNU’s Health Communication degree prepares graduates for entry-level work or for graduate studies in health communication fields. It is designed for students with an interest in health but not wanting to be providers; for those looking for places to advocate for others; and for those wishing to go on in careers or graduate school in public health, health administration, health communication or community health.

Health Communication
  • Pursue careers in health communication, public health, health administration and community health
  • Work closely with faculty mentors
  • Conduct hands-on research project in specialized area within health communication that is of personal interest

About Health Communication

With a BS in Health Communication, your program of study will include case studies, engaging discussion and hands-on research. You will have the opportunity to explore how relevant theory, research and skills associated with communicating in various care contexts can be applied to further your understanding of health communication. This will include communication among providers, family caregivers, patients, healthcare organizations and in mediated messages. You also will have the chance to delve into issues related to marketing and promotion of health information and the politics of health care will be covered.

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Bachelor of Science

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My professors are more like friends to me. I can go to them not only academically or professionally and ask help about art or design or photography, but I could go to them and talk about life problems I’m having. And they’re very invested in every student that comes through their doors which I really admired about them.
Ian Rohnert