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BS Engineering: Computer Concentration

Bachelor of Science in Engineering

With two years of foundational engineering principles and two years of specialized coursework, the computer engineering degree is an ABET-accredited program that combines microelectronics and computer science to innovate and create cutting-edge computers and smart systems for the Internet of Things (IoT). Our program equips students with the knowledge and skills to design and develop advanced technological solutions in this rapidly evolving field.

The B.S. in Computer Engineering opens a wide range of career options, including computer engineer, electrical engineering, systems design, hardware-software systems, and control systems.
  • GRADUATES consistently achieve remarkable pass rates on the FE exam and secure high job placement rates.
  • STUDENT-TO-FACULTY RATIO OF 15:1, guaranteeing individualized attention and fostering an ideal environment for learning.
  • GUIDANCE from seasoned faculty members with vast industry expertise

A Computer Engineering Degree for Tomorrow’s World

A computer engineering degree can lead to endless possibilities and opportunities, bridging the gap between computer science and microelectronics and equipping our students with relevant skills to design and develop intelligent computer systems like never before. By choosing NNU’s computer engineering concentration, you’ll work on complex projects involving microprocessors and other embedded devices while creating, testing, and debugging computer programs and applications. Join us at NNU today and embark on a journey to set you up for success in tomorrow’s world!

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Bachelor of Science in Engineering
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The Benefits of our Bachelor of Science in Engineering Degree:  Computer Concentration

  • Get access to cutting-edge research in computer engineering
  • Learn from faculty members who bring years of industry experience and a Christian worldview
  • Enjoy small class sizes and gain personalized attention with a 15:1 student-to-faculty ratio
  • Combine microelectronics and computer science to develop new IOT systems
  • Develop a Christian worldview and gain spiritual education as part of the liberal arts experience
  • Prepare for a successful career with an ABET-accredited computer engineering degree
  • Obtain job placement assistance after graduation and prepare for the FE Exam
  • Develop, test, and troubleshoot computer programs and applications
  • Engage in tasks involving microprocessors and embedded devices

Goals & Outcomes for Computer Engineering Majors

  • Identify, formulate, and resolve intricate engineering problems
  • Confidently pursue professional engineering licensure
  • Enter directly into the engineering workplace
  • Advance their career through continuous learning, leadership and teamwork.
  • Serve their profession, the community and God’s creation
  • Communicate effectively with a range of audiences
  • Able to develop and conduct appropriate experimentation, analyze and interpret data, and use engineering judgment to draw conclusions
  • Develop professionalism, integrity, ethics and Christian principles sought after in computer engineering careers
  • Earn a degree from an accredited university in computer engineering through hands-on experience

Additional Information About Studying Computer Engineering at NNU

What You'll Learn
In this Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering degree program, you will delve into both computer hardware and software. You will focus on working with microprocessors and embedded devices and developing computer programs and applications. You will also take courses in data structures, computer architecture, microelectronics, operating systems, network and data communication, and embedded systems. To cap it off, you will complete a senior research project tailored to your study area. These courses and projects align with the ongoing research endeavors of the department, offering you valuable hands-on experience opportunities.

In addition to providing access to cutting-edge research, our program offers the expertise of professors with extensive industry experience. These knowledgeable mentors will guide you and provide hands-on training with fabrication and lab equipment. With a student-to-faculty ratio of 15:1, you can truly get to know your professors. They genuinely care about your success, both inside and outside the classroom. Moreover, our university’s commitment to a well-rounded education, encompassing liberal arts, spirituality, and a vibrant residential campus experience, further enhances your academic journey.

Expectations for Computer Engineering Graduates

Our College of Engineering program equips you with a seamless transition into the engineering workforce, enabling you to pursue professional engineering licensure exams and graduate studies. With an impressive track record, our graduates demonstrate high pass rates in the FE exam, successful placement in prestigious graduate schools, and excellent job placement. Our alumni have been accepted into renowned institutions such as Columbia, Georgia Tech, Purdue, Alabama, Vanderbilt, and Carnegie Mellon.

This bachelor’s degree in computer engineering will prepare you for careers in software engineering, embedded systems, computer system and IC design, computer architecture and supercomputing.

Accreditation & Regulations

Northwest Nazarene University’s Bachelor of Science in Engineering Program holds accreditation from the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, ensuring a high standard of education. NNU’s Computer Engineering Concentration is a multidisciplinary degree that combines two years of comprehensive engineering fundamentals with two years of focused study in your chosen concentration.

Electrical and computer engineering covers computer engineering skills, real-time signals and systems, software applications, computer hardware, and principles of engineering and computer science.

Career Paths for Computer Engineers

With the technological landscape constantly evolving, there are endless opportunities for growth and innovation in the computer engineering industry. Whether interested in software engineering, embedded systems, computer system and IC design, computer architecture, or supercomputing, this concentration will provide the skills you need to excel.

Architecture and Engineering Occupations

Software Engineer

Meet Our Faculty

I’m very prepared for my future. I’ve been interning at Micron Technology through a connection I made at the Engineering & Computer Science Career Fair. Now that internship will turn into a job when I graduate. Not only do I have a strong technical background in engineering, but I’ve also acquired skills with people, communication, and tools.
Hope Henry

BS Engineering

Frequently Asked Questions About a Computer Engineering Degree at NNU

Here are some commonly asked questions that students often have about our computer engineering program at Northwest Nazarene University.

What are the benefits of studying computer engineering at NNU?

Imagine a place where innovation meets faith, where cutting-edge technology intertwines with a nurturing Christian worldview. Welcome to Northwest Nazarene University (NNU), where our computer engineering program offers an enriching, transformative journey.

Our program marries microelectronics and computer science, empowering you to create new Internet of Things (IoT) systems. As a computer engineering major, you’ll delve into tasks involving microprocessors and embedded devices, developing, testing, and troubleshooting computer programs and applications.

But the NNU experience is about more than just acquiring technical skills. Our faculty members, with years of industry experience and a Christian worldview, guide you through a curriculum that shapes your mind and soul. With a 15:1 student-to-faculty ratio, you’ll receive personalized attention, fostering strong relationships and meaningful mentorships.

As part of our liberal arts ethos, we encourage spiritual growth alongside academic development. In this nurturing environment, you’ll cultivate a Christian worldview that will guide your professional and personal life.

Our ABET-accredited degree equips you for success in the dynamic field of computer engineering. We offer job placement assistance upon graduation, preparing you for an exciting career or further studies. Our graduates are also well-prepared to take the FE Exam, a testament to our commitment to your future.

Join us at NNU, where we blend faith, community, and technology to transform students into compassionate innovators and leaders.

How will a degree from NNU's computer engineering concentration prepare me for my future career?

Step into the future with a computer engineering degree from Northwest Nazarene University. Your journey at NNU is more than just an ordinary education—it’s a transformative experience, a launchpad to a bright and successful career.

At the heart of our program is our exceptional faculty. These mentors bring years of industry experience, offering you a wealth of knowledge and hands-on training with cutting-edge fabrication and lab equipment. With a 15:1 student-to-faculty ratio, you’re not just a face in the crowd—you’re part of a community where your professors genuinely care about you inside and outside the classroom.

Our ABET-accredited, multidisciplinary degree is designed for your success. We dedicate two years to broad engineering fundamentals and another two years to the specific intricacies of computer engineering. This balanced approach ensures you’re equipped with a robust skill set in high demand in today’s technology-driven workforce.

The computer engineering program prepares students for careers in software engineering, embedded systems, computer systems and IC design, computer architecture, or supercomputing. Our students have gone on to work for prestigious companies such as Microsoft, Apple, and Intel.

But we believe in nurturing the whole person, not just the engineer. As a Christian liberal arts university, NNU offers a rich spiritual and residential campus experience. You’ll immerse yourself in our vibrant community, shaping your worldview and enriching your life.

As you step into the future, let NNU be your guide. Join us, and together, we’ll build a world that’s as bright and innovative as you are.

In what ways has NNU helped its alumni with their job searches and professional development?

At NNU, we don’t just educate. We transform lives, guiding our students from academia to their dream careers.

Our program is designed to prepare you for the professional world. You’ll be equipped to directly enter the engineering workforce, take the professional engineering licensure exam, and even continue your studies at graduate school. Our graduates boast high FE exam pass rates, grad school placement, and job placement rates. They’ve studied at prestigious institutions like Columbia, Georgia Tech, Purdue, Alabama, Vanderbilt, and Carnegie Mellon.

But we don’t stop there. Our commitment to your success continues even after graduation. Our Career Development team offers job search assistance to alums and provides valuable resources to help you explore and achieve your career goals.

Another way we support our Alumni is through NNU Connect, a dedicated platform designed specifically for our cherished alumni. Imagine a place where the spirit of NNU continues to thrive, teeming with opportunities, resources, and familiar faces. That’s what NNU Connect is. It’s a hub for our graduates, a space to connect with fellow alums, share industry insights, and explore new horizons.

But NNU Connect offers more than professional networking—it’s a beacon of personal growth and development. Here, you’ll find many resources tailored to help you navigate life after university. Whether seeking career advice or spiritual guidance, NNU Connect is a supportive hand reaching out to you, reaffirming that you’re still a part of the NNU family.

At NNU, we’re more than a university. We’re a community, a support system, a launchpad to your future. Join us, and let’s build your future together

What kinds of classes and labs does NNU offer to computer engineering students?

Our computer engineering program is a harmonious blend of theory and practice. Imagine a place where your passion for computer engineering is nurtured and cultivated, a place where you’re not just learning but creating. That’s the experience we offer at Northwest Nazarene University.

In our state-of-the-art labs, you’ll work with microprocessors and embedded devices, crafting, testing, and debugging computer programs and applications. This hands-on approach allows you to apply classroom knowledge in real-world scenarios.

Our curriculum is rich and varied, designed to make you a well-rounded engineer. You’ll delve into data structures, computer architecture, microelectronics, operating systems, network and data communication, and embedded systems. Each course is a stepping stone in building your understanding and proficiency.

In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to complete a senior research project tailored to your area of interest. This project lets you showcase your skills and complements the ongoing department research projects, providing you with invaluable hands-on experience.

At NNU, we believe in the transformative power of education. We’re committed to providing you with a robust, comprehensive learning experience that prepares you for a successful career in computer engineering. So step into our classrooms, explore our labs, and let’s start building your future together.