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NNU’s Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry typically emphasizes a broader liberal arts education alongside the study of chemistry, allows for more flexibility in choosing elective courses outside the chemistry discipline, is great for students interested in combining their study of chemistry with other fields of study and may be a good fit for students interested in careers that involve chemistry but also value a well-rounded education in the liberal arts.

NNU’s Bachelor of Science in Chemistry is more specialized and focuses more intensively on the study of chemistry and related sciences. It requires a greater number of credits in chemistry-specific coursework, including labs, mathematics and science requirements and is geared toward students who intend to pursue careers or graduate school in chemistry or related scientific fields.

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  • SUMMER research opportunities.
  • WORK CLOSELY with faculty mentors.
  • CLASSES OFFER ACCESS to modern instruments and laboratory techniques.

About Chemistry BS

NNU’s Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry is a multidisciplinary degree focusing on broad chemistry fundamentals. Students may choose an emphasis area in general chemistry, biochemistry, environmental chemistry or pre-medical chemistry. To make sure the student’s education includes much more than a textbook, NNU professors focus on hands-on learning in labs and offer summer research opportunities with professor-student collaboration, allowing students to begin to participate in this field throughout their academic careers. This degree prepares students to enter careers based on chemistry in industry, medicine, research, academics and forensics.

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About Chemistry BA

NNU’s Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry degree is an undergraduate academic program that combines the study of chemistry with a broader liberal arts education. In this program, students will receive a well-rounded education that includes coursework in chemistry along with studies in the humanities, social sciences and arts.

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I have been so grateful for my experience with the chemistry department at NNU. The professors have made it easy when I’m gone for Track & Field; they are always willing to help me if I have questions. I have spent a lot of time in the lab, and it has helped me see what a future in chemistry would look like. It’s pretty cool to see what we learn in class; it feels like we are applying what we learn in lectures. I am very happy with NNU. The people in the chemistry department make me excited to see what my future holds in chemistry and the jobs I can get with this experience.

Jonah Groce

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry