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Computer Science

Bachelor of Science

A computer science degree provides a gateway to one of the most rapidly evolving and dynamic fields today. From software development to graphics, the applications of modern computing are endless, and a bachelor’s degree in computer science can equip you with the skills to enter today’s technology-driven workforce. Computer science degrees offer a strong foundation in various aspects of computing, including networking and programming languages, giving you the competitive edge needed in today’s job market.

student working on computers in classroom. The computer science program at NNU provides the computer science skills needed to understand operating systems, develop software and improve information security.
  • Gain a strong foundation in software development, networking, graphics and the various applications of modern computing
  • Choose a concentration in data science or cybersecurity
  • Hands-on experience and cutting-edge research in interdisciplinary data science and artificial intelligence analytics in collaboration with NASA, NIH and the USDA

Connect & Grow with a Computer Science Degree

The world is more connected now than it ever has been. And as technology continues to influence every aspect of our lives, the demand for talented computer scientists is rising. At NNU, we offer several computer science degrees that will prepare you for a wide range of careers in today’s technology-driven workforce. The possibilities are endless with programming, database design, networking, web development, artificial intelligence, bioinformatics research and cybersecurity. Connect and grow with a computer science degree from NNU.

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Bachelor of Science

Offered on Campus

A Computer Science Degree at NNU Offers Several Benefits

  • Build expertise through hands-on experience and research projects at the West-region’s only data science major outside the big Pac12 research institutions
  • Enjoy cutting-edge, hands-on research opportunities through interdisciplinary data science and artificial intelligence analytics in collaboration with NASA, NIH and the USDA
  • Attain a broad understanding of the field of computer science, as well as specialized skills in cyber security or data science, by focusing on one of the three available emphases
  • Take advantage of NNU’s strong industry connections for internships and networking opportunities
  • Experience a unique interdisciplinary approach to data science and artificial intelligence analytics
  • Utilize state-of-the-art computing laboratories and research facilities
  • Expand job opportunities with a specialized degree in data science, cybersecurity or general computer science

Our Goals for Computer Science Majors

  • Learn the fundamentals of computer science and gain technical skills with an interdisciplinary focus
  • Develop a Christian worldview informed by a community-centered approach to learning
  • Obtain a degree that equips you with the practical knowledge to enter the corporate world
  • Receive a holistic education in computer science, spirituality and social development
  • Gain a comprehensive education in computer science with an emphasis on Christian values and ethical decision-making

Computer Science Concentrations at NNU

Cybersecurity Emphasis

In today’s digital age, the role of cybersecurity in protecting sensitive information has never been more critical. The demand for skilled professionals who can combat the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats has skyrocketed in recent years. Companies are searching for individuals with highly specialized skill sets and unique insights into the constantly evolving field of cybersecurity. The rewards for those who possess these skills are abundant, with a breadth of high-paying job opportunities readily available. By focusing on a concentration in cybersecurity, computer science students can make themselves invaluable assets to these organizations and help keep our online world safe and secure.

Data Science Emphasis

In computer science, there are many different paths a student can take to specialize in their education. One such concentration that has grown in popularity in recent years is data science. At NNU, students have the unique opportunity to enroll in the only data science major in the Northwest, outside a select few research institutions.
With extensive hands-on experience and groundbreaking research opportunities, NNU undergraduates are making strides in interdisciplinary data science and artificial intelligence analytics. Collaborating with prestigious organizations such as NASA, NIH and the USDA, NNU students are at the forefront of innovation and discovery. Plus, with the potential for an average annual salary of $108,000 for data scientists with a computer programming degree, this field offers a promising future for those who pursue it.

students on laptops in lab classroom. Computer science jobs are abundant with on-campus or online computer science degree programs.

Career Paths for Computer Science Majors

The career opportunities are endless for computer science majors. Graduates have worked in various fields, including software engineering, data analysis, cybersecurity and video game design. With the growing demand for technology in virtually every industry, the possibilities for computer science graduates are abundant.

Computer and Information Systems Managers

Computer Network Support Specialists

Computer and Mathematical Occupations

Computer Systems Analysts

Meet Our Faculty

My professors do an immense job at ensuring my readiness for the corporate world. Using their own experience and the content from the class, I learn every day how to be the best student and future professional I can be
Braelyn Boerner

BS Computer Science CyberSecurity

Frequently Asked Questions About Studying Computer Science at NNU

If you’re considering studying in the computer science field at NNU, you’ll join a community of tech enthusiasts passionate about innovative solutions. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about the exciting opportunities ahead!

What kind of job opportunities are available for computer science majors after graduation?

Stepping into the world with a computer science degree from Northwest Nazarene University (NNU) paints a vibrant canvas of career opportunities. Picture yourself at the heart of today’s technology-driven workforce, ready to make a significant impact.

  • Envision yourself as a programmer, crafting intricate codes that breathe life into software applications. Your skills could be the magic behind the seamless operation of countless digital platforms.
  • Imagine thriving as a software engineer, designing and building robust software systems that power businesses and transform industries. Your expertise could be the cornerstone of technological innovation.
  • In database design, you could become the architect of complex databases that store, organize and manage crucial data. Become the custodian of information that drives strategic decision-making.
    As a network analyst, you could ensure the smooth operation of computer networks within organizations, troubleshooting network issues and enhancing network performance.
  • Or perhaps you’ll delve into web development, creating engaging websites that captivate audiences and promote brands. Imagine your creative and technical prowess coming together to shape the digital landscape.
  • With a focus on cybersecurity or data science, you could also protect vital digital assets or extract valuable insights from vast data sets. Be on the frontline of digital security or driving data-driven decisions.

At NNU, our computer science curriculum and a required senior research project prepare you for these roles and more. Our graduates have an impressive 100% job placement rate within their field, a testament to the quality of our program. A computer science degree from NNU unlocks a world brimming with exciting career possibilities.

Are internships and research opportunities available to computer science majors at NNU?

At Northwest Nazarene University, we equip you with a robust computer science knowledge base and offer ample opportunities to apply these skills in real-world settings through internships and research opportunities.

Embark on an exciting internship journey, gaining invaluable hands-on experience in professional settings. These internships could be your stepping-stone to the tech industry, allowing you to apply your classroom learning, explore potential career paths and forge professional connections. As cited from NNU’s Internship page, internships give students a unique opportunity to gain valuable applied experience.

Envision yourself actively engaged in research, an integral part of the CS major at NNU. Every computer science major gets the chance to participate in this research. This could be your platform to delve deeper into the realms of computer science, expand your knowledge and contribute to technological advancements.

Whether focusing on cybersecurity, data science or software development, our curriculum encourages undergrad participation in research and internships. Picture yourself exploring these dynamic fields, armed with the skills and experience you’ve gained at NNU.

At NNU, undergraduate students can research without waiting until they pursue an advanced degree. These students actively contribute daily to developing interdisciplinary data science and artificial intelligence analytics, working alongside esteemed organizations such as NASA, NIH and the USDA. Through hands-on experience, they are involved in cutting-edge research that pushes the boundaries of knowledge.

As a computer science major at NNU, you’re not just a student but a budding professional, a researcher and a vital part of today’s technology-driven workforce. We invite you to enter this transformative journey, where your academic pursuits meet real-world applications.

Is it necessary to have any prior coding experience to pursue a computer science degree at NNU?

Imagine standing on the threshold of a journey into computer science at Northwest Nazarene University, but you’re apprehensive because you’ve never coded before. Let me reassure you: no prior coding experience is necessary to embark on this transformative adventure.

At NNU, we believe that every journey begins with a single step. So, our computer science program starts from the basics, laying a solid foundation that progressively builds your understanding and skillset. Our initial classes are designed to introduce you to the fascinating world of programming and coding, even if you’re a complete novice.

Envision yourself gradually mastering the art of coding, guided by our dedicated faculty, eager to share their wealth of knowledge and experience. Imagine the thrill of seeing your first lines of code come to life, all made possible by NNU’s nurturing academic environment.

As you progress through the program, you’ll delve deeper into more complex aspects of computer science. You’ll explore exciting realms like database design, networking, web development, cybersecurity and more. Picture yourself evolving from a beginner to a proficient coder, ready to take on the tech industry.

Whether you’re an experienced coder or a complete beginner, NNU is ready to guide you on a journey of discovery and growth in computer science.

What benefits are there to studying computer science at NNU compared to other institutions?

Imagine embarking on a journey through the dynamic world of computer science at Northwest Nazarene University (NNU), where your intellectual curiosity is nurtured, your faith is respected and your potential is unleashed.

At NNU, we take pride in offering a unique educational experience that sets our students apart from their peers. Our data science major is a prime example of our commitment to innovation and academic excellence. As the only program of its kind in the Northwest outside of the big Pac12 research institutions in Washington and Oregon, our students have the distinct advantage of being part of a select group of highly trained data analysts. Through a rigorous curriculum, hands-on experience and access to cutting-edge technology, our graduates are prepared to excel in this rapidly growing field. Discover how our data science major can help you achieve your career goals and stand out in a competitive job market.

Studying computer science is more than just acquiring technical skills. It’s about weaving together a strong foundation in software development, networking, graphics and modern computing applications with a liberal arts education that encourages critical thinking, ethical decision-making and effective communication. Our curriculum equips you not just for a career but for life.

Picture yourself learning in small, intimate classes where faculty members know you by name and are invested in your success. Imagine the thrill of hands-on learning, where theory meets practice and classroom concepts come alive in real-world applications. Our students have the opportunity to participate in innovative research projects, keeping them on the cutting edge of technology.

Envision the support you’ll receive beyond the classroom. Our Center for Academic Success & Advising provides resources to enhance your academic journey, while our Wellness Center and Campus Safety ensure your overall well-being.

But what truly sets NNU apart is our Christian community. Here, you’re part of a family that prays, supports each other and strives to live out Christ’s teachings. You’re encouraged to grow spiritually through our Spiritual Life initiatives.

Studying computer science at NNU is a comprehensive, transformative experience that prepares you for a fulfilling career and a purposeful life.