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NNU’s College of Education offers nationally accredited Educator Preparation Programs for everyone. Our undergraduate, graduate and continuing education programs prepare students to enter a career in teaching or enhance their current career in education. Regardless of your position or discipline, the College of Education has a program to empower you to excel in the field of Education.

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College of Education

NNU’s Educator Preparation Programs have consistently been ranked as #1 in Idaho, across the Northwest, and nationally by a multitude of organizations. Graduate and undergraduate programs regularly receive regional and national commendations, are recognized as a best value in education program, are cited for outstanding educator preparation, and for being a college of distinction.

The college is led by professors who have demonstrated excellence in the field of education, and are eager to share their knowledge and experience. Students receive practical, relevant instruction in preparation for success in the field of Education. In addition to courses, students participate in experiences that will create opportunities to practice and apply what is taught in courses.

The Graduate and Professional Programs are designed for working professionals. NNU has a variety of master’s, Education Specialist, and doctoral programs which are fully online. Many graduate programs result in Idaho Standard Instructional, Principal, Director of Special Education or Superintendent certifications. Additionally, the doctoral programs in Educational Leadership are a vital part of the cadre of offerings in Graduate Education. Alumni of the College of Education leave NNU called to serve, open to change, responsive to all and empowered to succeed.


The mission of the College of Education at Northwest Nazarene University is to be Christ-centered in our preparation of compassionate, successful leaders and educators who are called to serve, open to change, responsive to all and empowered to succeed throughout the global community.


In 2022, the education programs at Northwest Nazarene University received accreditation approval from the Council for Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP).

About the Education Department

Initial Program Outcomes

Student Learning Outcomes for Initial Educator Preparation Programs are aligned with the national InTASC standards, CAEP Standard One (revised), and Idaho Core Teaching Standards.

  • Teacher candidates (NNU students in the Education Department) will demonstrate knowledge of learners, learner development and learner differences, thus creating environments conducive to learning for all students. (InTASC 1-3)
  • Teacher candidates will demonstrate content knowledge and pedagogical best practices based on content connections and needs of varied learners. (InTASC 4-5)
  • Teacher candidates will plan, deliver, and assess instruction. Candidates will make data-driven decisions based on student learning, utilizing frequent formative assessment strategies. (InTASC 6-8)
  • Teacher candidates will engage in continuous and collaborative professional growth focused on improving P-12 student learning. (InTASC 9-10)
Advanced Program Outcomes

Student Learning Outcomes for Advanced Educator Preparation Programs are aligned with CAEP and Idaho Education Standards.

  • Candidates will demonstrate knowledge and application of data-driven decision-making to develop supportive school environments.
  • Candidates will be able to evaluate peer-reviewed research, formulate research design decisions for their own research proposals and investigate research questions in educational settings.
  • Candidates will lead or participate in collaborative activities with others such as peers, colleagues, teachers, administrators, community organizations and parents.
  • Candidates will identify and use appropriate applications of technology for their field of specialization.
  • Candidates will apply codes of ethics, professional dispositions, laws, policies and professional standards appropriate to their field of specialization.
Conceptual Framework

Learner-Centered Core

The mission of the College of Education is operationalized in the Educator Preparation Programs through use of the Learner-Center Core conceptual framework. The conceptual framework guides curricular decisions within the college, and the elements are embraced and modeled within the college curriculum. The four elements of the Learner-Centered Core directly align with the Northwest Nazarene University values.

Called to Serve
Educators prepared at Northwest Nazarene University view their profession as not just a job but rather as a ministry that requires the full engagement of heart, mind and soul. They have accepted the call to transform the lives of students through teaching, leading, mentoring and relationship building. They keep what is best for the student at the center of all they do. (Service)

Open to Change
Educators prepared at Northwest Nazarene University value learning and demonstrate a breadth of knowledge and an inquiry-based habit of mind. As lifelong learners, they continually update their knowledge and skills—innovating with the latest technology and seeking ways to improve education. They question educational assumptions and use current research to stimulate reflection and inform practice. (Transformation)

Responsive to All
Educators prepared at Northwest Nazarene University are committed to the academic, social and emotional growth of all students with focused attention on those with diverse needs. They believe that all students can learn. They understand students’ backgrounds and make connections through meaningful relationships and community building. Educators prepared at NNU play critical roles in promoting democratic values. They examine and challenge social inequities in schools and communities, facilitating equal voice and equal access for all students and parents. They understand the historical and philosophical purposes of schools and the legal and societal influences impacting youth and families. (Community)

Empowered to Succeed
Educators prepared at Northwest Nazarene University are highly skilled in promoting student achievement, using data to guide practice and incorporating technology to enrich learning. Adept at working with parents and responding to students, they apply theories, strategies, frameworks and research to challenge, to interest, to accommodate and to assess a diverse student population. Educators prepared at NNU demonstrate management expertise that stimulates growth and creates a safe and positive learning environment. They are recognized as experts in their fields. (Truth)

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